Make your food GOOD

Make your food GOOD

I Rawck is a website devoted entirely to healthy eating. For too many people, the idea of eating healthy is somewhat similar with eating exclusively steamed veggies and broccoli with every meal. They imagine giving up chocolate and any other sweets forever, forgetting they ever had a burger or a pizza and getting frustrated that they will never eat good, delicious food ever again. Healthy food is extremely delicious and I insist to prove this.  
The recipes you will find here are simple, require few ingredients and very little of your time. No heavy or expensive machinery needed. Just a blender and a food processor will suffice. If you also have a juicer, that’s even better.
About food

My Story

I have turned vegetarian 7 years ago and I am trying to avoid as much as possible any animal products and processed foods. I can say that this was probably the best decision I ever took in my life. I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in eating healthy. I don’t promote a certain diet, although the majority of the recipes you will find on this website are vegan. I believe that anyone can benefit from incorporating more plants and more plant based dishes in their diet . I have done this myself and I can see the amazing benefits that come along with eating healthy foods.

When I’m not cooking, you can find me at my day job here or I’m playing with my puppy. I also enjoy traveling the world, eating local food from everyplace I go to and writing about this. I do hope you’ll find at least one thing interesting here and feel free to get in touch.

Other Services

I also organize cooking workshops and cater for dinners and small events. Why small? Because it’s just me cooking and one can cook so much :). More info about this coming soon.